Jul 19 2007

Science and Religion: happy together.

I blogged before on how Intelligent Design bothers me.

Now, here’s a post that makes some sense to me over on ScienceBlogs’ Galactic Interactions: On Science, Religion, and “Compartmentalization”

Let me just add my spin on this:

Does a scientist who experiences some other thoroughly non-scientific thing automatically become hypocritical? My answer is a resounding NO!

Lets take, for example, the feeling of joy. This could come in any form from mild amusement through to incredible ecstasy.

It could be experienced as part of the scientist’s life outside of their work, or it could be directly connected to their work: the joy of discovery, the exhilaration of having that insight that makes everything fall into place, the amusement of finding something funny-looking in nature. It could even be deliberately taking science knowledge to form humour¬†outside of scientific endeavours.

Provided the scientist does not distort the science to fit notions of joy, this in no way makes either the science or the joy less valid.

Now, reconsider the Galactic Interactions post I linked to above. If you had a problem with what it was saying, substitute the word “joy” wherever it mentions “religion”. Get the point now?

Hooray!  :-)

[Update: I came up with a one-liner version] :

Religion and Science are every bit as compatible as enjoyment and science. Would you deny all instances of the latter? No? then why would you deny all instances of the former?

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